I have worked in art studios since my early 20’s - first in Swampscott Massachusetts in a small storefront that eventually became Sun Wheel Studios with a gallery, room for classes and a pottery. My partner was a potter. With five potters wheels and a kiln I also made pots and clay jewelry, but primarily I am a painter and printmaker. I created my first abstract print “March Rain”. a series of 15

My second studio at the Button Factory in Portsmouth New Hampshire centered my life for twenty two years. During that time I held various jobs in Massachusetts and New Hampshire with long commutes and many responsibilities, but my life translated into visual images - colors, shapes, lines. For example, when my daughter bought the house next door to me, the move prompted a series of watercolors - The Good News”. Later prints, collages, and paintings - “Tree of Hope” and “January Night, Portsmouth NH”.

Today I work in a studio (see photo above) at Cedar Street Studios, a former carriage factory in Amesbury Massachusetts where my art continues to parallel my life. For example, many of my paintings now include figures representing ideas, experiences, relationships. Two examples are “Saying Goodbye to the Person I Used to Be”, “The Bookstore”, “Family” “Spirit Guides”(see Abstract Paintings with Figures).

Other paintings are purely abstract - “Bronze Days”, “Summer on the Merrimack”. (See Abstract Paintings). I love color. My art does not track pain and anguish in the world, instead  increases energy of spirit by creating something new, a better day through color and shapes.