Welcome to my website.  Enjoy viewing my paintings as you scroll through the categories.  I include a statement by Kenneth Clark below because it sums up my view of my work and all creative work.  My paintings come from my imagination and are conceptual and process driven.  
Art must do something more than to give pleasure; it should relate to our own life so as to increase our energy of spirit. Not only for the viewer but even more importantly for the artist.”
Kenneth Clark

My art has been a source of peace, comfort and happiness, truly increasing my “energy of spirit”. I work in paint, oil pastel and collage. Over the years my art has been a visual diary, inspired by memory, loss, emotion, place and time. Colors drive the work. My paintings might be called intuitive landscapes. Recent work reflects the spiritual and visual influences of my current life, which includes a move to Massachusetts from New Hampshire and living within view of the Merrimack River.

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